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About us

A few words about us and our idea

Welcome to our portal. We would like to present Serbia, and above all Serbian spas, that have become one of the most important Serbian brends. At our portal you can find out almost everything about Serbian spas, Serbian mountains, history of Serbia, and about tourism in Serbia in general. You can find out which spas are most convenient for you, where each spa is located, for which illnesses is a certain spa recommended, where you can have a good time, and where you can find the accomodation for your liking. You will find out not only about the accomodation, but also about the climate in spas, and about the history and culture of Serbia.

Do you know that Serbia is one of Europe´s richest countries in mineral and thermomineral springs? Over 1000 mineral springs are thought to exist, and only 40 spas have been built on them. So you can imagine how big is Serbian potential of spa tourism. Spas are the mirror and image of our culture and society developed in this region. Spas and spa tourism are the oldest kind of tourism in Europe, as well as in Serbia. That is why the international importance of Serbia as a tourist country keeps growing. Don´t forget that spas are in again!