Vrnjci Spa Serbia

Zvonachka Spa

Zvonachka Spa location and position

It is 360km to the southeast of Belgrade.

Zvonachka Spa indications, treatment and prevention of disease

- locomotive system disorders
- neural illnesses (neuralgies, neurastheny, psychoneurosis, vegetative neurosis)
- high blood pressure
- peripheral blood flow disorders
- rheumatism
- managerial illnesses
- climacteric discomfort
- inflammatory changes in eyes

Zvonachka Spa natural healing and medicinal properties

In the Spa are mineral water springs, with the temperature of 28°C. The Spa has qualities of a climate resort, due to specific direction of winds blowing here, and due to a great number of negative ions in the air.

Zvonachka Spa monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

Monasteries Paganovo (14th century), listed as world cultural heritage, and under protection of UNESCO, then monasteries Sukovo and Temska…

Zvonachka Spa natural beauty

In the vicinity of the Spa is a picturesque gorge of the river Yerma. The cliff Asenovo Kale, at an altitude of 1032m, is the only place in Serbia where one can see a nest of grey eagles. One can go hunting, fishing and wandering on Vlashka and Stara Planina…

Zvonachka Spa sports and recreational facilities

In the Spa – there is an outdoor Olympic swimming pool with mineral water, then two indoors swimming pools, as well as basketball grounds, football pitches, volleyball grounds and tennis courts…

Zvonachka Spa

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