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Zlatibor mountain

Zlatibor mountain location and position

Zlatibor is a mountain whose highest peak is Tornik, 1496m. It is in the southwest Serbia, about 200km away from Belgrade and 23km away from Uzitse. Due to moderate climate and clean air, it has always been known as a tourist resort, convenient for recreation.

Average altitude of Zlatibor is 1000m. It is rich in rivers and streams, and there are a lot of meadows, pines, as well as fir and juniper forests.

You can reach Zlatibor by motorway leading to Belgrade – via Podgoritsa, in direction towards Adriatic Sea. By railway – you can take a train in Uzitse, 24km away from Zlatibor, on the railway Belgrade – Bar.

Zlatibor mountain indications, treatment and prevention of disease

The climate on Zlatibor is convenient for the treatment of:

1. asthma
2. thyroid gland diseases
3. metabolic disorders, especially obesity
4. cardiovascular disorders
5. anaemia
6. digestive system disorders
7. fatigue and nervous tension
8. locomotive system injuries

Zlatibor mountain natural healing and medicinal properties

The climate on Zlatibor is moderately continental an submountainous. Summers are moderately warm, and winters are cool. Autumn is warmer than spring, cloudiness is moderate. The average annual temperature is 7.5°C. The average annual number of snowy days is about 100. The snow cover is up to 60cm high.

Zlatibor is a kind of clean air spa, a mountain resort and a climate health resort. Rich ultraviolet radiation, clean air and low air pressure make this mountain very good for health.

Zlatibor mountain monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

Guests to Zlatibor can visit a famous ″Shargan osmitsa″, ethno – village, and the complex Drvengrad. Also, the house of the famous prophete Milosh Tarabich from the village Kremna, as well as many other cultural monuments on the territory of the municipality Chayetina, ethno – village with a museum ″Staro Selo″ (which means Old Village) in Sirogoyno, the monastery Uvats, etc.

Zlatibor mountain natural beauty

On Zlatibor and in its surroundings you can see numerous natural phenomena. All those who like clean and preserved nature, a disappearing rural atmosphere, and those who like adventures, must see Gostily waterfalls, Stopicha cave and villages Rozanstvo, Ravni, Lyubish, Semegnyevo, as well as a virgin forest in Murtenitsa…

Zlatibor mountain sports and recreational facilities

Zlatibor has during the past several years extended its offer. Numerous sports grounds are in the surroundings (football pitches, tennis courts), and swimming pools, which meets various requirements of the guests. There are a lot of walking paths, you can ride a bicycle, or ride a horse. The ski centre Tornik has three cable cars connecting four ski pistes, so the conditions for winter sports are favourable.