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Zlatar mountain

Zlatar mountain location and position

The mountain Zlatar (1627m) is about 280km to the southwest of Belgrade, 4km away from the Nova Varosh, at an average altitude of 1230m.

Zlatar can be reached by the motorway Belgrade-Zlatibor-Nova Varosh in the direction Adriatic sea, or by railway Belgrade-Bar. You should reach Priboy, and take the bus to Zlatar, which is 35km away from Priboy.

Zlatar mountain indications, treatment and prevention of disease

The climate on Zlatar is suitable for the treatment of:

1. cardiovascular diseases
2. disturbed (too high or too low) arterial blood pressure
3. disorder in the function of peripheral arterial blood circulation
4. psychosomatic conditions in case of cardiovascular diseases
5. increased concentration of fat and sugar in blood
6. general weak state and anaemia

Zlatar mountain natural healing and medicinal properties

The climate on Zlatar is submountainous, with cool summers and mild winters. Autumn is warmer than spring. Zlatar has the greatest number of sunny days in Serbia (285). Average annual temperature is 17°C, average summer temperature is 28°C, and in winter it is 2°C. These bioparameters of mountainous climate – 1230m altitude, rariefied air, low air pressure, mixing of influences of Mediterranean and mountaneous climate – have a natural healing effect. That is why this mountain is, due to its conifer and birch forests, an ideal place for treatment and convalescence.

Zlatar mountain monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

On Zlatar and in its vicinity are numerous churches and monasteries from the Middle Age. The Church of Holy Trinity in Bistritsa (a monument of culture), the log-cabin church in Kuchani (a very important monument of culture), the log-cabin church in Radievichi, the church in Shtitkovo. The monasteries Dubnitsa, Milesheva and Banya. Ethno-village Shtitkovo.

Zlatar mountain natural beauty

Numerous are natural beauties of Zlatar. In the vicinity is the gorge of the river Uvats, the habitat of a rare bird species on Balkans – the white-headed sup. In the vicinity are three man-made lakes, Zlatar, Sienichko and Radoinysko.

Zlatar mountain sports and recreational facilities

The international youth basketball camp ″Kasta″ is organized on Zlatar.
During winter, guests have at their disposal a ski-piste 800m long, with a ski lift 420m long, near the hotel ″Panorama″. You can also rent ski equipment. In summer one can go paragliding, the conditions for it are very good.