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Vrnyachka Spa

Vrnyachka Spa location and position

Vrnyachka Spa is about 200km to the south of Belgrade. It is at the foot of the mountain Goch, on its north side, at an altitude of about 325m. It is in the valleys of the rivers Lipovachka and Vranyska, which are feeder streams of the river Western Morava, from its right side. The climate is typically continental, with the average annual temperature of 10.5°C, and the average summer temperature is 20°C and 764mm rainfall. In Vrnyachka Spa there are about ten springs of mineral and thermomineral waters, of different chemical and physical properties. Vrnyachka Spa has been a tourist resort, but also a health resort, for over 100 years.

Vrnyachka Spa indications, treatment and prevention of disease

In Vrnyachka Spa the following illnesses are treated:
1. diabetes
2. conditions after going through jaundice
3. chronic inflammation of intestines and stomach
4. gall bladder and bile ducts disorder
5. ulcus of stomach and duodenum
6. illnesses of kidney pelvis, of urinary bladder, of urether, etc

Vrnyachka Spa natural healing and medicinal properties

The oldest and most famous water in Vrnyachka Spa is Warm water. It is in the very centre of Vrnyachka Spa. The water from this mineral spring is colourless, transparent, rich in sodium hydrocarbonate, of pleasant flavour and is drunk with pleasure. The temperature of the medicinal water is 36.5°C, and it is used for balneologic therapy.
The mineral water Sneznik contains sodium, potassium, magnesium, hydrocarbonate. The temperature of the mineral water from the spring Sneznik is 16.8°C, and it is used for balneologic therapy.

The mineral spring Slatina is in the region of the river Lipovats. The medicinal water from this spring is yellow and a little turbid; it is rich in hydrocarbonate. The temperature at the spring Slatina is 14°C, and it is suitable for balneologic therapy.
The mineral water from the spring Yezero (Lake) is yellowish and transparent, and is rich in sodium carbonate. It has a pleasant taste, because it is weakly mineralized. The temperature of the mineral water at the spring Yezero is 25.5°C, and it is suitable for balneologic therapy.

Vrnyachka Spa monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

Near Vrnyachka Spa there are numerous cultural monuments: monasteries Studenitsa, Zicha, Gradats, Dyurdyevi Stupovi, Sopochani, Lyubostinya, Kalenich, Velutse, then the fortresses Maglich, Ras, Brvenik, etc.

The Spa is well known for numerous cultural manifestations within Vrnyachka cultural summer.

Vrnyachka Spa natural beauty

Vrnyachka Spa has nicely arranged walking center and ordered parks. On the mountain Goch there are ski pistes, and a night walk is the most beautiful of all.

Besides promenades, Vrnyachka Spa has famous parks dating back from the 19th century. If you want long walks and enjoyment in nature, you can go on the mountain Goch, only 11km away from the centre of Vrnyachka Spa. This mountain, with its clean air, has a beneficial effects on people suffering from anaemia, it strengthens metabolism and the nervous system, and is also suitable for recreation and training. It attracts lovers of winter sports most.

For those enjoying sports fishing, Podunavachke Bare (10km) are arranged on the West Morava, where large sports competitions are held. The conditions for hunting are ideal in the arranged hunting ground on Goch.

Vrnyachka Spa sports and recreational facilities

Vrnyachka Spa has a great number of sports facilities, such as: three grassy football pitches, athletic path, bowling alley, table tennis, body buliding, grounds for small sports (basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis), bicycle paths, indoor and outdoor swimming pools…

Vrnyachka Spa has more and more guests coming for sports preparations, games and recreation. Sports and recreational centre „Ray“, with three grassy grounds (football pitches) is one of the important objects in Vrnyachka Spa.

One important facility is a sports hall, which meets the requirements for all indoor sports, such as: basketball, volleyball, handball, martial arts, table tennis, small football, body building, etc. Here are also small outdoor sports grounds, as well as indoor swimming pools and an outdoor Olympic swimming pool. The pools meet the criteria for all kinds of water sports.

Vrnyachka Spa

Hotel ″Breza″ 1. Banyska promenada, tel. 612-400, fax 612-401

Hotel ″Fontana″ Tsara Dushana street, tel 612-153, 612-154

Hotel ″Novi Merkur″, Srpskih Ratnika Boulevard, tel. 611-625, 6111-626

Hotel ″Sneznik″, 35, Vrnyachka street, tel/fax 036/616-150

Hotel ″Sloboda″ Banyska promenada street, tel 612-350, 612-040

Hotel ″Stari Merkur″, Srpskih Ratnika Boulavard, tel. 611-625, 611-626