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Mountain Tara

Mountain Tara location and position

Tara is in the western part of Serbia. The highest peak is Kozji Rid, 1591m. Tara stretches on a surface of 183km2, and it belongs to the inner belt of the Dinarid mountains. Its average altitude is 1200m and it belongs to a group of mountains in the Drina basin. The mountain Tara was declared a National Park by the National Parliament of Serbia in 1981, and its surface is 19.175ha.

Tara is 180km away from Belgrade. You can reach it by motorway Belgrade-Valyevo-Rogachitsa-Bayina Bashta-Tara. tara is 246km away from Novi Sad. The closest railway station is 15km away, in Braneshko Polye, and it is on the railway Belgrade-Bar. Besides these traffic connections, there is an important road, connecting Tara with Zlatibor over Kreman (38km), and going towards seaside and Uzitse (43km).

Mountain Tara indications, treatment and prevention of disease

The climate on Tara is suitable for treatment of:

1. bronchial asthma
2. chronic bronchitis
3. anaemia

Mountain Tara natural healing and medicinal properties

The climate on Tara is moderate continental, with the mild transition between seasons, and autumn is warmer than spring. During summer there are a lot of sunny days, and in winter a lot of snowy days. On Tara there are plenty of pine forests, which are not frequent in Serbia. That is why it is recommended to all sick people having trouble with their respiratory system. It has been proved that fitmicides in pine forests destroy the Coch bacillus, so the stay on this mountain is especially recommended to asthmatic patients.

Mountain Tara monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

The National Park Tara is very rich in cultural and historic monuments. The most important, culturally and historically the most valuable is the monastery Racha from the 13th century. The Monastery is an endowment of the king Dragutin. Inside the National park is an ethno-house in Kaludyerske Bare. It depicts a traditional Serbian rural household from the 19th century.

There are also some archaeological sites: Mramorye, Peruchats, Greek cemetery – Uroshevina, Rastishte, Gradina site, St George Skit site, Solotnik-Kulina site. Monuments from the National Liberation War 1941-1945: memorial monument ″Borovo Brdo″, and other monuments of culture. The guests to Tara can visit the famous ″Sharganska Osmitsa″, ethno village and the complex Drvengrad, as well as the house of a famous prophete Milosh Tarabich from the village Kremno.

Mountain Tara natural beauty

Tara is the mountain that makes one third of the total flora in Serbia. There are over 1000 species of plants, some of them are real rarity of botany, and are protected. Have you heard of derventski razlichak, pchelinya trava, monashki putsavats? You can see all these rare species of plants on Tara.

Mountain Tara sports and recreational facilities

The mountain Tara has very good facilities for almost all kinds of sports. Within hotel complexes there are grounds for football, as well as for small football. A lot of our well-known sports clubs come to Tara for preparations on high altitude. Then there are sports grounds for handball , basketball and volleyball, as well as indoors swimming pools for the preparations of sportspeople, and for relaxation of those who want just recreation. In winter, the conditions are favourable for nordic skiing, and for beginners skiing. On Tara, there are a lot of bicycle paths (27), with total length of 420km.