Vrnjci Spa Serbia

Old mountain

Old mountain location and position

Stara Planina is in the eastern Serbia, it stretches as a natural border between Serbia and Bulgaria. Its highest peak in Serbia is Mijor, 2196m. It is 70km away from Nish, 100km away from Zayechar, 50km away from Knyazevats and Pirot, and 330km away from Belgrade. The nearest inhabited place to the tourist resort is the village Kalna, 20km away from it. Babin Zub, 1780m, is one of the peaks of Stara Planina.

Old mountain natural beauty

Stara Planina and its surroundings are abundant in rivers, lakes, waterfalls and valleys.

The rivers are convenient for fishing, and the whole region is famous for rivers rich in trouts. Zavoysko Lake is very famous, and the smaller Smilovsko Lake. You can visit Pilyske waterfalls, 64m tall with cascades, Tsunguly waterfall 42m tall, Kurtul waterfall 27m tall, Tupavitsa waterfall 15m tall.

Old mountain sports and recreational facilities

On Stara Planina is one of the youngest and the most promising ski-centres in Serbia ″Babin Zub″. This winter resort has three ski pistes. Skiing tourism on this mountain is still being developed.