Vrnjci Spa Serbia

Soko Spa

Soko Spa location and position

Soko Spa is in the southeast Serbia, in the valley between mountain Rtany (1560m) and Ozren (1117m). It is 220km away from Belgrade and 60km away from Nish. By highway it is connected via Alexinats with all large towns in Serbia.

Soko Spa indications, treatment and prevention of disease

In Soko Spa one can treat:
- bronchial asthma
- chronic hepatitis
- psychoneurosis
- neurastheny
- lighter forms of high blood pressure
- chronic rheumatism
- chronic rheumatic and degenerative illnesses
- sciatica
- posttraumatic conditions

Soko Spa natural healing and medicinal properties

Natural healing factors of Soko Spa are thermomineral springs with the temperature of between 28°C (Banyitsa)and 45.5°C (Park), gas radon, favourably ionizied, clean mountain air without pollution, high concentration of negative ions (anions) and very beneficial moderate continental climate.

Soko Spa monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

Near Soko Spa are several Middle Age towns – Bovan, Sokograd and Vrmja. Important cultural manifestations are held in Soko Spa: ″Sveti Jovan Bilyober″ (St John Plant-picker), ″The First Accordeon of Serbia″, art colonies ″Sokograd″, ″cultural Summer of the Spa″, ″Golden hands″, etc…

Soko Spa natural beauty

Soko Spa has nicely arranged parks, a Turkish bath Amam in the very centre, and the Count Milosh´s house. There are a lot of picnic places, of which the most beautiful and the most visited are: Lepteria, Sokograd, the restaurant Cave, Ochno, Kalinovitsa, Barujiye, Ozren, Sesalachka cave, the source of the river Moravitsa, Vrmjansko lake, Vrmjanski old town, Grudonyske water-mills, Borichi, Bovansko lake…

Soko Spa sports and recreational facilities

In Soko Spa you can do almost all sports, because Soko Spa has all kinds of grounds: tennis courts, football pitches, small football pitches, basketball grounds, bowling alleys, shooting grounds, excellent hunting places on Rtany, Devitsa, Bukovik, ando go fishing on the river Moravitsa, Bovansko and Vrmjansko lake. Extreme sports can be done on mountain Rtany and Ozren.

Soko Spa

Hotel ″Moravitsa″ (***) 018/830-622
Hotel ″Suntse″ (***) 018/830-370
Hotel ″Turist″ (***) 018/830-510
Hotel ″Zdravlyak″ (***) 018/830-722
Special hospital ″Sokobanya″ 018/830-144
Natural health resort ″Banyitsa″ 018/830-204