Vrnjci Spa Serbia

Siyarinska Spa

Siyarinska Spa location and position

330km to the south of Belgrade

Siyarinska Spa indications, treatment and prevention of disease

- diseases of bones and muscular system - sciatica, lumbago
- abdominal diseases and intestine diseases
- diseases of kidneys and of urinary tract
- sand in urinary tracts
- postoperative conditions after breaking or surgical elimination of stone
- urinary tract inflammation
- liver diseases
- gall tract and pancreas diseases
- gynaecological diseases
- inflammatory processes and certain forms of sterility
- lung diseases
- neurosis
- mild and medium forms of diabetes
- conjunctivitis

Siyarinska Spa natural healing and medicinal properties

The Spa has mineral waters with temperature between 32 and 72°C, of which 18 are at a length of 800m, and all of them are of different physical and chemical composition and temperature. There is also the radio-active sulphur mud. In the Spa there is a geyser of warm water, up to 8m tall, and an occasional geyser erupting every 10 minutes – two unique geysers in Europe.

Siyarinska Spa monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

In the close proximity to the Spa are the remnants of the Empress Town – „Yustiniana Prima“, from the byzantine period..

Siyarinska Spa natural beauty

Siyarinska Spa is situated in the valley of the river Jablanitsa, at the foot of the mountain Golyak, surrounded by thick oak and beech forest covering 50km2 of the surroundings, so it is protected from strong winds, and there has never been evidence of fog in this region. The surrloundings of the Spa is convenient for hunting, an on the river Jablanitsa sports fishing is possible.

Siyarinska Spa sports and recreational facilities

Guests have at their disposal a large swimming pool and a great number of grounds for small team sports.

Siyarinska Spa

Hotel „Geyser“ (**)