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Selters Spa

Selters Spa location and position

It is 46km to the south of Belgrade, near Mladenovats.

Selters Spa indications, treatment and prevention of disease

- diseases and impairment of locomotive s - rheumatic degenerative and inflammatory diseases of spine and of joints,
- posttraumatic conditions
- vibratory diseases
- chronic respiratory diseases
- peripheral vascular diseases
- peripheral nerves diseases
- consequences of central nervous system impairment of vascular origin

Selters Spa natural healing and medicinal properties

Hyperthermal (temperature 50°C), alcalin-muriatric carbon-acid mineral water „Selters“, used for drinking, bathing and inhalation. The water has been used in treatment since 1908, and as a natural remedy it was awarded in Brussels in 1906 and in London in 1907. Between the two wars it was an official remedy according to our, French and German pharmacopeia, and it was sold in pharmacies.

Selters Spa monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

In the vicinity of this spa is the monastery Pavlovats, then the endowment complex in Topola and Oplenats, and it is only 45km away from Belgrade.

Selters Spa

Institute for rehabilitation RH CENTER SELTERS
335, King Petar I Street
11400 Mladenovats
tel 381/(0)11/ 8221-552, 8222-738