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Ribarska Banja

Ribarska Banja location and position

Ribarska Spa is at 200km to the south of Belgrade, in Rasina region. Ribarska Spa is in the central Serbia, on the northeast slopes of Veliki Jastrebac, in the gorge of the Ribarska river, formed here as Banyska river. It is surrounded by thick forest, wit always fresh and clean air, so it can be called an air spa. It is at an altitude of 540m. It is about 35km away from Krushevats, and 200km away from Belgrade. It is connected by railway and by highway Belgrade-Nish near Djunis and Deligrad.

Ribarska Banja indications, treatment and prevention of disease

- conditions after bone fractures
- postoperative conditions after bones surgery
- contractions of joints
- spine deformities
- post traumatic and post operative paresis
- nerve paresis
- hemiplegy, hemiparesis

Treatment is conducted in the special hospital „Ribarska Banya“.

Ribarska Banja natural healing and medicinal properties

In Ribarska Spa there are 6 springs of mineral water, with the temperature between 38 and 42°C, and due to thick forests and clean air it has the characteristics of a climate resort.

Ribarska Banja monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

The surroundings of the Spa is rich in monuments of culture from different historic periods. Trips are organized to Nish and Krushevats, cities with rich historic heritage. you can see monasteries Lyubostinya, Veluche, Kalenich etc.

Ribarska Banja natural beauty

Ribarska Spa is in the region of a lush vegetation and clean air. In the vicinity is a woody mountain Jastrebats. Natural beauties of this spa, good traffic connections and beneficial effect of thermal waters make it one of our leading spas. It has existed since antiquity, and it is supposed that these these warm waters were used by Roman legionaries, and in the Middle Age by Serbian noblemen.

Ribarska Banja sports and recreational facilities

In Ribarska Spa there is a hall where various recreational and entertainment shows take place.

Ribarska Banja


37205 Ribarska Spa

Tel/fax: 037 865-261, 865-271