Vrnjci Spa Serbia

Banja Palic

Banja Palic location and position

Palich Spa, location and position
Palich is in the north of Serbia, 7km to the east of Subotitsa and 186km away from Belgrade. You can reach Palich by highway E-75 and by railway, direction Belgrade-Subotitsa. The lake Palich is at an altitude of 102m.

Banja Palic indications, treatment and prevention of disease

Palich Spa – indications, cure and prevention of illnesses
Rheumatism, sciatica, skin diseases, gynaecological diseases, nervous diseases, digestive tract diseases.

Banja Palic natural healing and medicinal properties

Palich Spa – natural healing factors and healing properties
The water from the Palich lake is sulphorous, alkaline and chlorine, with the temperature of about 25°C. Mineral water contains litium and rubidium, which are useful in the treatment of rheumatic and nervous diseases. Strontium, as a compound of the mineral mud helps in growing the bones together.

Banja Palic monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

Palich Spa – monasteries, churches, cultural and historic heritage
Palich is in the proximity of Subotitsa, where you can see well preserved sights and very attractive architecture…

Banja Palic natural beauty

Palich has one of the most beautifully arranged parks and a very well equipped zoo. The visitors to this spa can go rowing, sailing, fishing, on the Palich lake, as well as on the Ludo lake not far away…

Banja Palic sports and recreational facilities

There are tennis courts in the Spa, grounds for small-team sports, athletics lane, indoors and outdoors swimming pools with thermal water. On the coast of the Palich lake there are nicely arranged bathing places.

Banja Palic

Garni hotel ″Lira″ (**)
024 / 754 695 / Splitska aleya 21, 24413 Palich, Serbia

Hotel ″Park - Yezero″ (****)
024 / 753 112; 024 / 753 245 / Park Narodnih heroya 15, 24413 Palich, Serbia

Garni hotel ″President″ (****)
024 / 622 662 / Lovranska 2, 24413 Palich, Serbia

Garni hotel ″Vila Regina″ (**)
024 / 754 695 / Splitska aleya 21, 24413 Palich, Serbia