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Palanacki Kiseljak

Palanacki Kiseljak location and position

Palanachki Liselyak Spa – location and position
Palanachki Kiselyak Spa is in the town Smederevska Palanka, in the northeastern part of Shumadia, close to the valley of Velika Morava, at an average altitude of 103m. All this region is known as Lower Jasenitsa, after the lower course of the river Jasenitsa. Danube basin stretches to the north and to the northwest of this region, to the east of it is the valley of the river Velika Morava with the Morava basin, and to the south and west of it – the region of Rudnik and Kosmay. The Spa is about 80km away from Belgrade, with which it is connected by the railway Belgrade-Nish, which passes through the town. The slip-road to the highway Belgrade-Nish is near Velika Plana, and it is 13km away.

Palanacki Kiseljak indications, treatment and prevention of disease

Palanachki Kiselyak Spa – indications, cure, and prevention of illnesses

In the Palanachki Kiselyak Spa, following illnesses are cured:

1. sterility (primary and secondary)
2. chronic inflammatory and non-inflammatory rheumatism in a peaceful stage of spondilosis, spondil-athrosis and discopathy
3. postrheumatic and postoperative conditions which caused muscular weakness and restrictions of movements of joints
4. innate and acquired deformities in children and adults
5. neuralgic diseases of peripheral paralysis
6. chronic diseases of internal organs

Palanacki Kiseljak natural healing and medicinal properties

Palanachki Kiselyak Spa – natural healing factors and healing properties

Climate in Palanachki Kiselyak Spa is moderate continental. There are four mineral water springs in the Spa. These waters are in the cathegory of sodium-hydrocarbonate, carbon-acid hypotherms. They are used for bathing, as well as table-water. Table water ″Karadyordye″ is well known on the market. It should be noted that the first description of the Spa was given by the Turkish travel writer Evlia Chelebia, who described it in 1719 as ″a walled spa with healing water″.

Palanacki Kiseljak monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

Palanachki Kiselyak Spa – monasteries, churches, cultural and historic monuments

Palanachki Kiselyak Spa offers possibilities for various cultural events and entertainment to the guests.
Trips to Velika Plana are organized, to the monastery Pokaynitsa, to the monastery Koporin, to Radovanyski Lug, to wine cellars in Krnyevo, then to Topola and Oplenats.

Palanacki Kiseljak sports and recreational facilities

Palanachki Kiselyak Spa – sports and recreation
In Palanachki Kiselyak Spa there is a large park, suitable for long walks, relaxation and recreation. Close to the park there is an indoors swimming pool for recreation, and several small sports facilities.