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Ovcar Banja

Ovcar Banja location and position

Ovchar Spa – location and position
Ovchar Spa is 150km away from Belgrade, to the southwest. From Chachak it takes 15min drive, in direction Zlatibor. It is really worth coming to this small and magic spa.

Ovcar Banja indications, treatment and prevention of disease

Ovchar Spa – indications, treatment and prevention of illnesses
- rheumatic illnesses,
- degenerative rheumatism
- spondilosis
- arthrosis
- consequences of bones fracture
- nerve disorders

Ovcar Banja natural healing and medicinal properties

Ovchar Spa – natural healing factors and healing properties
Thermal water, of a temperature between 36 and 38°C, pH=7, water hardness 8.7mgE/l and mineralization 0.66mg/l.

Ovcar Banja monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

Ovchar Spa – monasteries, churches, cultural and historic monuments
In this area is situated a unique cultural and historic region with nine monasteries from the 14th and 15th centuries.

Ovcar Banja natural beauty

Ovchar Spa – natural beauties
Gorge Ovchar-Kablar is one of the most beautiful gorges in Serbia, characterized by exceptional variety of landscape and a wealth of various flora and fauna. It is surrounded by quiet mountains Ovchar and Kablar. On the river West Morava there are two artificial lakes, convenient for water sports and fishing.

Ovcar Banja sports and recreational facilities

Ovchar Spa – sports and recreation
Hunting, fishing, wandering, swimming in the most beautiful swimming pool in Serbia (in Hotel Kablar), a walk through a beautiful forest…

Ovcar Banja

Ovchar Spa – private accommodation, hotels, villas, apartments
- Hotel ″Kablar″ +381/32/5596-106
- Hotel ″Dom″ (**)
- Private accommodation ″Debela Gora″ +381/64/ 146 13 20; +381/64/ 33 14 816;
+381/32/ 496 193