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Ovchanska Banja

Ovchanska Banja location and position

Ovchanska Spa – location and position
Ovchanska Spa is in Voivodina, in the settlement Ovcha, which is the suburb of Belgrade (Municipality Palilula). It is on the left bank of Danube in Banat. It is at an altitude of 90m, 11km away from the centre of Belgrade, 8km away from Panchevo and 2km away from the road to Ovcha. The Spa is well connected by the city traffic lines and by the train Beovoz, which passes through the settlement. It was discovered accidentally: towards the end of the 1980s, the company Geosonda made a hole on this location, looking for petrol, and from it salty sulphuric water started flowing.

Ovchanska Banja indications, treatment and prevention of disease

Ovchanska Spa – indications, treatment and prevention of illnesses
Following illnesses are treated in this spa:
-vein diseases
- rheumatism
- sciatica
- poor eyesight…

Ovchanska Banja natural healing and medicinal properties

Ovchanskla Spa – natural healing factors and healing properties.
In Ovchanska Spa the climate is moderate continental. Water is strongly mineralized and it is on the depth of several hundred meters. There are about 28 different minerals. It is six times saltier than sea water. Treatment is conducted with the healing mud and water.

Ovchanska Banja monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

Ovchanska Spa – monasteries, churches, cultural and historic monuments

Belgrade is 11km away from the Spa, and there you can find plenty of cultural events and historic monuments, as well as good night and day entertainment. In Belgrade you can visit over 20 museums and 10 theatres, the old park Kalemegdan, the bath Ada Ciganlia…