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Niska Banja

Niska Banja location and position

Nishka Spa – location and position
Nishka Spa is in the southeast of Serbia, near the highway Nish-Sophia. It is at the foot of Koritnyak, a spur of Suva Planina, at an altitude of 248m. It is 10km away from Nish, and 250km away from Belgrade.

Niska Banja indications, treatment and prevention of disease

Nishka Spa – indications, treatment and prevention of illnesses
- locomotive system illnesses
- cardiovascular illnesses
- postoperative conditions, after surgical revascularization of miocard
- rehabilitation after building in the hip or knee endoprosthesis
- post traumatic conditions
- conditions after central and peripheral motor neuron lesion
- inflammatory and functional sterility

Niska Banja natural healing and medicinal properties

Nishka Spa – natural healing factors and healing properties
Medicinal properties and a specific quality of Nishka Spa waters give radon thermomineral waters and a natural mineral peloid (medicinal mud). Natural healing factors in Nishka Spa are mild, moderate continental climate, thermomineral waters and natural mineral mud. Medicinal waters, welling from five springs (Main Spring, Dry Spa, School Fountain, Banyitsa and Pasyacha) belong to a group of earth-alkaline homeotherms (36-38°C), mildly mineralized, with the capacity of 56 l/s.

Niska Banja monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

Nishka Spa – monasteries, churches, cultural and historic monuments
Trips to the city Nish are organized, where you can see a great number of monuments from the Turkish period (Chele-kula), as well as the Roman town Mediana…

Niska Banja natural beauty

Nishka Spa – natural beauties
Nishka Spa has a very relaxing moderate continental climate. A nicely arranged spa park stretches on about 5ha, and in the vicinity is the park-forest Koritnik, with ordered trim paths. Here is also the famous Sichevats gorge, and you can also visit Boyana waters…

Niska Banja sports and recreational facilities

Nishka Spa – sports and recreation
Nishka Spa has a lot of grounds for sports competition and recreation: football and handball grounds, tennis courts, hippodrome with recreational indoor and outdoor horse-riding and a bowling alley…

Niska Banja

Our recommendation of private accommodation in Nishka Spa is certainly the private accommodation in the VILLA PRICHA, (which means ″story″). The villa ″Pricha″ is one of the first objects in Nishka Spa, designed to offer full comfort and enjoyment to visitors. The villa is situated in a peaceful area, at about 100m away from the centre of Nishka Spa, where the pedestrian zone is, as well as medical establishments Zelengora and Radon, restaurants, cafés and so on. The place where this private accommodation is give its guests the chance to be close to all important events, but also offers them peace, quiet and isolation from noise.