Vrnjci Spa Serbia

Banja Ljig

Banja Ljig location and position

Lyig Spa – location and position
Lyig Spa is at the foot of the mountain Rayats, of the slopes of the Valyevo mountains and within the town Lyig. It is at an altitude of152m. It is 35km away from Valyevo, 40km away from Gornyi Milanovats and 87 km away from Belgrade. You can reach Lyig Spa by Ibar highway from Belgrade, by highway from Gornyi Milanovats and by highway from Valyevo.

Banja Ljig indications, treatment and prevention of disease

Lyig Spa – indications, cure and prevention of illnesses
In Lyig Spa following illnesses are cured:

1. skin diseases (psoryasis, skin eczema)
2. gastro-intestinal diseases (chronic gastritis, duodenitis, chronic gastric and duodenal ulcer)
3. neuropsychiatric diseases (multiple sclerosis, neuralgies, neuritis, neuroses, neurasthenia, depressive conditions)
4. diseases of peripheral blood vessels (chronic edems of vein origin, peripheral vasculopathie)
5. diseases of bones and joints (inflammatory rheumatism, degenerative rheumatism, posttraumatic conditions, conditions after bone fractures and skeleton surgery)

Banja Ljig natural healing and medicinal properties

Lyig Spa, natural healing factors and healing properties

Climate in Lyig is moderate continental. Climate is mostly influenced by Pannonian plain and the surrounding mountains. Healing properties of this spa were known by ancient Romans. In the Spa, there are several thermal springs of water with the temperature of about 32.5°C. Water is used for drink and for bath. The Spa has a modern health centre where diagnostic assessments are carried out (ECG, ultra-sound for abdominal diagnosis, negatoscop, chematological laboratory), as well as therapies, (HE-NE laser, extension table, short-wave diametry, universal diadynamic, therapeutic ultra-sound, low-frequency magnet, high-frequency magnet, minisan for electroforesis, galvanisation, stimulations, lamps for IC and UV radiation), hydrotherapy and kinetic therapy.

Banja Ljig monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

Lyig Spa – monasteries, churches, cultural and historic monuments
Sightseeing of monasteries Bogovodya and Pustinya (which means „Desert“), of historical monuments, attractive tourist manifestation ″Haymaking on Rayats″, Memorial – Uncle Dushko Yovanovich, literal and music evenings.

Banja Ljig sports and recreational facilities

Lyig Spa – sports and recreation
Lyig Spa has suitable facilities for sports preparation. There is a football pitch in Lyig, 105/75, for daily and night matches. There are also grounds for small-teams sports: for volleyball, basketball, handball, small football. In the spa, there is a ground for beach volleyball, bicycle lane along the river Lyig, about 1.5km long. In Lyig, there is a sports hall for about 1000 spectators, for all small sports, so preparations and matches are also possible during winter.