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Lukovska Banja

Lukovska Banja location and position

Lukovska Spa – location and position
It is 325km to the south of Belgrade.

Lukovska Banja indications, treatment and prevention of disease

Lukovska Spa – indications, cure and prevention of illnesses
- chronic inflammation – rheumatism
- degenerative diseases of spine and conditions after injuries

Lukovska Banja natural healing and medicinal properties

Lukovska Spa – natural healing factors and healing properties
Regarding the number of thermomineral springs, with the temperature between 56°C and 69°C, and regarding their abundance (100 l/s), it is one of the richest spas in the country .

Lukovska Banja monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

Lukovska Spa – monasteries, churches, cultural and historic monuments
In the vicinity are churches of Holy Virgin and of St Nicolas in Kurshumliya.

Lukovska Banja natural beauty

Lukovska Spa – natural beauties.
This spa has very picturesque surroundings, where one can go on summer excursions. Near this spa is a very attractive natural monument ″Dyavolya Varosh″ (″Devil´s town″)…

Lukovska Banja sports and recreational facilities

Lukovska Spa – sports and recreation
Hotel ″Kopaonik″ has a gym and an indoors pool with healing water for therapy and recreation…

Lukovska Banja

Lukovska Spa – private accommodation, hotels, villas, apartments
Hotel ″Kopaonik″