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Kursumlijska Banja

Kursumlijska Banja location and position

Kurshumliya Spa – location and position

It is 300km to the south of Belgrade.

Kursumlijska Banja indications, treatment and prevention of disease

Kurshumliya Spa – indications, cure and prevention of illnesses

- injuries and disease of locomotive system

- rheumatic diseases

- respiratory diseases

- diabetes

- gynaecological diseases

- neurological diseases

- metabolic diseases

- anaemia of children and old people

Kursumlijska Banja natural healing and medicinal properties

Kurshumliya Spa – natural healing factors and healing properties

Kurshumliya Spa has several types of healing waters (14°C to 63°C). Besides waters, this spa is known for its healing thermomineral peloid (mud).

Kursumlijska Banja monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

Kurshumliya Spa – monasteries, churches, cultural and historic monuments

Guests can go sightseeing in town Kurshumliya, known for the endowment of Stephan Nemanya – the church of St Nicolas and of Holy Virgin…

Kursumlijska Banja natural beauty

Kurshumliya Spa – natural beauties. This spa has very picturesque surroundings. It is possible to organize excursions to Dyavolya Varosh (Devil´s town), a unique natural phenomena in the world, which is located on the slope of Radan mountain.

Kursumlijska Banja sports and recreational facilities

Kursumlijska Banja

Kurshumliya Spa – private accommodation, hotels, villas, apartments.

-Institute for prevention, cure and rehabilitation ″Zubor″