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Yoshanichka Spa

Yoshanichka Spa location and position

Yoshanichka Spa, the green door of Kopaonik, is on the northwest side of Kopaonik, which is by the Yoshanichka river valley separated from Zelyin, a lower mountain to the north. Yoshanichka Spa 10km away from Ibar motorway and from the railway Belgrade-Skopye.

Yoshanichka Spa indications, treatment and prevention of disease

The Spa is on an altitude of 550m, so it has the characteristics of a climate health resort.
Medical indications – the water from Yoshanichka Spa is suitable for the cure of following diseases:

- degenerative rheumatic illnesses
- inflammatory rheumatic illnesses
- postoperative conditions and conditions after injuries
- muscular diseases
- lumbago sciatica
- women´s diseases
- hyperaciditive gastritis
- eczema and psoriasis
- prevention of caries etc.

Yoshanichka Spa natural healing and medicinal properties

Yoshanichka Spa is among balneologic settlements with the warmest water, which, along with the climate, nearness of roads and Kopaonik, makes it very attractive for tourists.

Yoshanichka Spa has five springs with a lot of hot water. The main spring gives 7l/s, with the temperature of 77°C. The other springs have different capacity and temperature, between 36 and 75°C. According to analysis, mineral water contains most sodium, potassium and calcium, as well as hydrocarbonates, sulphates and fluorine. This water is drinkable. The water from the main spring in Yoshanichka Spa can be used for cure on its own, or combined with physiotherapies in prevention, cure and medical rehabilitation programme, as well as combined with medicines. It can be used in hydrotherapy – bathing, swimming, showering, underwater massage, and it is especially suitable for all types of hydro-kinetic therapy.

Yoshanichka Spa monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

Yoshanichka Spa natural beauty

Yoshanichka Spa and its surroundings are rich in greenery and woods, where the ″boryak of the Spa″ is prevalent. It has a great value, especially for health and recreation.

Yoshanichka Spa

In Yoshanichka Spa a hotel oh the high B category is being built. Its capacity will be 370 beds and, apart from accommodation, it will offer a rich possibility for recreation, with indoors and outdoors swimming pools and suitable sports grounds.