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Goliya mountain

Goliya mountain location and position

Goliya mountain is in the southwest Serbia, its highest peak is Yankov Kamen (1.833m).
Goliya is to the west of Rashka and 40km away from Ivanyitsa. It is 32km away from Novi Pazar and 214km away from Belgrade. Goliya belongs to the system of Dinaric mountains and stretches for 32km in the direction east-west.
Goliya is the mountain with the most snowy days in Serbia, it is covered with snow about 5 months, and its average height is about 105cm. This region is rich in rivers: Studenitsa, Brvenitsa, Moravitsa, etc. You can reach Goliya from four directions: from Pozega via Arilye, from Chachak via Gucha, from Syenitsa and from Novi Pazar.

Goliya mountain indications, treatment and prevention of disease

The climate on Goliya is suitable for healing of:

1. Blood diseases (anaemia, leukopenia, trombocitopenia, malign haemopathy)
2. Chronic respiratory illnesses (asthma, bronchitis, emphisem)

Goliya mountain natural healing and medicinal properties

The climate on Goliya is moderate continental, under the subalpine influence, with quiet snowy winters and sunny summers. The water and the air are exceptionally clean, and industrial plants don´t have an influence on the eco system. The basic healing factor is the air, i.e. an assembly of characteristic climate factors. In 2001, the government of the Republic Serbia proclaimed Ivanyitsa the first healing spa of Serbia. For its beauty, for the preservation of landscape, for its natural values, Goliya is among the best ones in Serbia.

Goliya mountain monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

The surroundings of this area is extremely rich in cultural and historic monuments. The real treasury are about 40 monasteries. Let us mention some of them: the monastery Kovilye from the 13th century, Pridvorichka church of the Holy Transformation from the 12th century, the church of the St Emperor Konstantin and the Empress Helena from the 19th century, the church of the Saints Kozma and Damyan in Ostatiya from the 17th century, the church of the Saint Nikola in Brezova, the church of the Saint archangel Michael in Prilike. in the proximity of Ivanyits is the small spa Ivanyichki Kiselyak. Kushitch Han from the beginning of the 19th century is worth mentioning, as well as the Stone bridge over the river Moravits in Ivanyitsa, built in 1906.

Goliya mountain natural beauty

Goliya is rich in springs and clear rivers. All the rivers are rich in fish and have great hydro-energetic potential. At an altitude of 1420m, there is the lake Tichar, and at an altitude of 1300m is the lake Heaven´s tear.

Goliya mountain sports and recreational facilities

Within the Rehabilitation Institute, there is a warm water pool, which works throughout the year, a sauna, a gym, a fitness hall, a table tennis hall, a trim path 800m long, three open sports grounds for volleyball, basketball and handball. Preparation for sportspeople is possible in the sports hall of the primary school, and in the town sports hall.