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Divchibare mountain

Divchibare mountain location and position

Divchibare is in the central part of Malyen, 38km to the south of Valyevo, and it is a well-known tourist and health mountain resort. Divchibare is at an average altitude of 980 to 1000m. It is a 7km long and 3km wide plateau. Divchibare is the nearest mountain tourist resort to Belgrade and to towns of Voivodina.

From Belgrade you can reach Divchibare by Ibar highway via Divtsi and Mionitsa – 117km. From Belgrade – by Ibar highway via Valyevo – Kaone – 128km. From Novi Sad – by Shabats road via Valyevo – Kaone – 177km. From Uzitse via Pozega and Tometino Polye – 64km. From Chachak via Lyig and Mionitsa – 133km.

Divchibare mountain indications, treatment and prevention of disease

Climate on Divchibare is suitable for:

1. diseases with neurovegetative disorders
2. chronic bronchitis
3. bronchial asthma
4. anaemia

Divchibare mountain natural healing and medicinal properties

Climate on Divchibare is mild and moderate continental; there is an abundance of springs and streams, and flora and fauna are various. Atmospheric streams from the Mediterranean sea come to Divchibare, and collide with atmospheric streams from Carpathians and Pannonian plain, which can account for the presence of iodine in the air.

Divchibare mountain monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

In the surroundings you can visit: the church of Virgin Mary´s Assumption, the monastery Pustinya and the village Brankovina.

Divchibare mountain natural beauty

On Divchibare there are four strict natural reserves: Crna reka, Chalachki potok, Zabalats and Vrazyi vir.

Divchibare mountain sports and recreational facilities

There are numerous sports grounds and recreation facilities on Divchibare. Tennis courts, handball grounds, basketball courts, golf courses. There are five walk paths, suitable for recreation. one can go skiing on Divchibare, there are three ski lifts and there are paths ideal for children and beginners.