Vrnjci Spa Serbia

Brestovachka Spa

Brestovachka Spa location and position

It is 280km to the southeast away from Belgrade, 9km away from Bor.

Brestovachka Spa indications, treatment and prevention of disease

- rheumatism of joints and out of joints

- consequences of injuries and of locomotiive system surgery

- chronic professional illnesses

- heavy metal poisoning

- neurovegetative distonia

Brestovachka Spa natural healing and medicinal properties

Brestovachka Spa has 10 thermomineral water springs, with temperature between 32 and 42°C. The water is rich in potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, oxides of iron, aluminium, silicon, chlorine, ¸iodine, carbon acid, bromine, phosphates, nitrates, mangane, zinc, fluorine and other components.

Brestovachka Spa monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

- Count Milosh inn (from 1837),

- Turkish hamam (restored in 1970; on the place of old bath from 1906 a new one was built, restored in 1968).

Brestovachka Spa natural beauty

Wooded regions around the Spa, on 90ha, Zlot caves – 12km away, Bogovinska 9km away, Bor lake 4km away.

Brestovachka Spa

Boarding house ″Serbian Crown″