Vrnjci Spa Serbia

Bogutovachka Spa

Bogutovachka Spa location and position

Bogutovachka Spa is in the central part of Serbia, 200km to the south of Belgrade and 23km away from Kralyevo. It is at an altitude of 520m, and the climate is moderate continental.

Bogutovachka Spa indications, treatment and prevention of disease

- rheumatism of joints and outside joints

- consequences of injuries and surgery on locomotive system

- injuries of peripheral and central nervous system

- peripheral vasculopathy

- chronic professional illnesses and poisoning with heavy metals

- chronic neuralgy

- polineuropathy

- distrofic transformations

- gynaecoligical diseases with sterility

- neurovegetatitive distonia

Bogutovachka Spa natural healing and medicinal properties

Two mineral water springs, with the temperature from 24 to 27°C. It is rich in radioactive elements, in sulphur-hydrogen, in silicon acid etc.

Bogutovachka Spa monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

- Monastery Studenitsa (12th century) – 40km

- Monastery Zicha (13th century) – 18km

- Fortress Maglich (14th century) - 10km

Bogutovachka Spa sports and recreational facilities

Hotel ″Mineral″ (**) 36341

tel. 381/ (0)36 / 811 – 333; 332 - 829