Vrnjci Spa Serbia

Vruitsi Spa

Vruitsi Spa location and position

Vruitsi Spa is in the northwest Serbia, in the basin of the river Kolubara, in Podgorina of Valyevo. You can reach Vruitsi Spa by Ibar highway, in the direction Belgrade-Valyevo. It is only 92km away from Belgrade, near the village Gornye Toplice, close to Mionits in the region of Kolubara. Climate in Vruitsi Spa is moderate continental, and it is at an altitude of between 179 and 252m.

Vruitsi Spa indications, treatment and prevention of disease

In Vruitsi Spa are cured:


gynaecological diseases,


stones in kidney and in urethers,

skin diseases,

eyes diseases

also, injuries heal more quickly.

Vruitsi Spa natural healing and medicinal properties

In Vruitsi Spa there are 6 mineral water springs (26°C to 27°C) and medicinal mud. Thermal waters in Vruitsi Spa are low-mineral, earth-alkaline, hypothermal waters (26-27°C). The water is of hydro-carbonate-calcium-magnesium type, low mineralized. Its flow varies from 80 to 470l/s. Vruitsi are among the spas with the highest flow of water in Serbia. Mineral water is used for bath and for drinking, and apart from water, there is also medicinal mud which is used as a compress.

Rehabilitation centre offers a complete medical treatment: hydrotherapy, kinetic therapy, electrotherapy and mud therapy.

Vruitsi Spa monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

Near Spa there is: the Stone Bridge, monasteries Bogovodya in the village Struganik, close to the Spa is the birth house of Zivoin Mishich, the church of Holy Ascension from the 19th century…

Vruitsi Spa natural beauty

The surroundings with its natural beauties is very picturesque, and the best way to explore it is to go for a walk in arranged jogging lanes. Vruitsi Spa and its surroundings geographically belong to the heart of Serbia. its atmosphere, climate and surroundings give peace, relaxation and health, ideal for rest and recreation, which are difficult to find in urban centres.

Vruitsi Spa sports and recreational facilities

There is a complex of swimming pools, visited by over 1500 swimmers and tourists daily during summer.

Valyevo mountains offer exceptional conditions for hunting, and the rivers Toplitsa, Kolubara and Lepenitsa are ideal places for sports fishing.

Vruitsi Spa

Hotel ″Vrujci″ (***) tel. 011 / 32 32 179, 011 / 33 49 151

Hotel ″Vrujci″ has one indoor and three outdoor swimming pools with healing water, a gym, jacuzzi, a sauna, a fitness room, football pitches, tennis courts and small-team sports grounds, which makes Vruitsi Spa suitable for sports preparations.