Vrnjci Spa Serbia

Vrdnik Spa

Vrdnik Spa location and position

Vrdnik Spa is in Voivodina (central part of Srem), on the southern slopes of Frushka Gora mountain. It is at an altitude of 210m. It is surrounded by lush vegetation, streams and natural beauties of forests of Frushka Gora mountain. It is 20km away from Ruma, 24km from Novi sad, and 80km from Belgrade.

Vrdnik Spa indications, treatment and prevention of disease

1. deformities of joints and the spine
2. rheumatism outside joints
3. postoperative conditions of locomotive system and the spine
4. diseases of peripheral and central motor neuron (neuritis, neuropathies, pareses, paralysis etc.)
5. convalescence conditions
6. all forms of rheumatic diseases (chronic degenerative rheumatism of bones, joints and the spine)
7. painful syndromes of various origin
8. respiratory and gynaecological diseases, migraine

Vrdnik Spa natural healing and medicinal properties

Climate in Vrdnik Spa is moderate continental, with little rainfall, absence of winds and a high insolation of over 2200 hours. Due to clean air, Vrdnik Spa is categorized as an air spa. The Spa is rich in thermomineral waters. Its waters are homeotherms, the temperature of water is about 32.8°C. It is used for bathing.

Vrdnik Spa monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

The surroundings of Vrdnik Spa is very rich in cultural and historic monuments. In the Spa is the monastery Ravanitsa, as well as the Vrdnik tower – a locality from the Roman period. Close to the Spa are 16 monasteries on Frushka Gora mountain, and in the area of the municipality Irig, where Vrdnik belongs, are as much as 7 medieval monasteries. In the proximity is Sremski Karlovtsi, an old Serbian centre of culture and spirituality, with the oldest library and a theological school. In the town are numerous churches, museums, glorious baroque fountain with four lions. In the proximity is Sremska Mitrovitsa, where there is an archaeological locality, antique Roman town Sirmium.

Vrdnik Spa sports and recreational facilities

In Vrdnik Spa there is an outdoors olympic swimming pool, several indoors swimming pools, sauna. Football pitch is not far, so the Spa is suitable for sports preparation.