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Rusanda Spa

Rusanda Spa location and position

Rusanda Spa, or Melenachka Spa, is in Voivodina, in Banat, and it is 4.5km away from the village Melentsi, in the territory of the municipality Zrenyanin. It is at an altitude of 82m. It was open as early as 1867, and it has a 139 years long tradition based on the use of healing properties of mineral peloid (medicinal mud) from the lake Rusanda, which has nearly highest medicinal properties of all the European peloids. The Spa is close to the motorway Zrenyanin-Kikinda, 16km away from Zrenyanin. You can reach the Spa by the motorway Belgrade-Zrenyanin-Kikinda, or by railway to Melentsi (railway Belgrade-Zrenyanin-Kikinda), and from Melentsi by local transport. It is 60km away from Novi Sad, and 90km away from Belgrade.

Rusanda Spa indications, treatment and prevention of disease

In Rusanda Spa, following illnesses are cured:

1. diseases of central and peripheral nervous system
2. injuries of bones, joints and muscles
3. vascular diseases
4. children´s deformities
5. inflammatory rheumatism in its peaceful phase
6. degenerative rheumatism (arthrosis and spondilosis)
7. metabolic rheumatism and rheumatism outside joints
8. discopathy and lumbal sciatica
9. consequences of rheumatism and conditions after fracture of bones and surgery of bones and joints
10. skin diseases (psoryasis, chronic eczema, acnae…)
11. gynaecological diseases (chronic non-specific gynaecological diseases and sterility)

Rusanda Spa natural healing and medicinal properties

In Rusanda Spa, climate is moderate continental. There is medicinal mud in the Spa, which is combined with the water from the nearby lake. The mud is among those with the highest medicinal properties in Serbia and in Europe. In the spa there is a bore-hole for thermal water, with the flow of about 10 l/s. The temperature of water is 33°C. The water is of hydrocarbonate-sodium type, with the mineralization of about 2.6 g/l. In the Spa, various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are carried out, such as: underwater massage, galvanic bath, kinetic therapy, four-cell baths, local and alternative mineral water baths, acupuncture, laser- and magnetic therapy, hydro-kinetic therapy, electrotherapy, phototherapy, neuro-psychologic rehabilitation…

Rusanda Spa monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

Near Rusanda Spa is the town Bechei with the famous horse farm. Also in the proximity is the castle of the count Dundyerski. You can visit the Emperor´s pond and Echka pond, known for their rich fish preserve.

Rusanda Spa sports and recreational facilities

The Spa is surrounded by the complex of sports grounds – for football, tennis and small-team sports, so it is suitable for recreation, rest and preparations of sports teams.