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Kovilyacha Spa

Kovilyacha Spa location and position

Kovilyacha Spa is 142km to the southwest from Belgrade. It is 6km away from Loznitsa and it is in the region Podrinye in the west Serbia. Kovilyacha Spa is on the right bank of the river Drina, at the foot of the mountain Guchevo, at an altitude of 125m. You can reach Kovilyacha Spa by the motorway Ruma-Shabats-Loznitsa.

Kovilyacha Spa indications, treatment and prevention of disease

Illnesses treated in the Spa:
• rheumatic diseases
• degenerative transformations of joints and the spine
• discus hernia and its postoperative conditions
• ostheoporosis
• posttraumatic states of arms, legs and the spine
• smaller damages to the central nervous system
• peripheric nerves lesions
• muscular diseases
• some gynaecological and skin diseases
• sterility
• edem of lymph

Kovilyacha Spa natural healing and medicinal properties

Natural healing factors of Kovilyacha Spa are:
Thermomineral water and the peloid (mineral mud) of Kovilyacha Spa. Thermomineral water, used for therapeutic purposes in the Special Rehabilitation Hospital. Kovilyacha Spa, on the basis of complete researches of the ground, as well as physical and chemical researches, belongs to the cathegory of sodium – calcium – hydrocarbonate hypotherms. It is used for bath (local and complete) and bedewing.

Kovilyacha Spa monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

The surroundings of the Spa is very rich in cultural and historic monuments. In the Spa is „the Kovilyka town“ (archaeological remnants of a Roman town), and in the proximity, on the mountain Tser, there are also fortifications of old towns Kosanin and Troyan´s town. Near Kovilyacha Spa is Trshich, the birthplace of Vuk Stefanovich Karadzich. Here is also the monastery Tronosha, where the Museum of Vuk´s Early Literacy is situated. In this monastery, Vuk learned to write.

Kovilyacha Spa natural beauty

The Spa has a nicely arranged park, suitable for walk or recreation. On the river Drina, there is a nicely adjusted fishing space. In the proximity is the picnic-place Guchevo, where you can enjoy the beauties of this wonderful region of Serbia.

Kovilyacha Spa sports and recreational facilities

Grounds for small-team sports, beaches on the Drina, where you can swim…

Kovilyacha Spa

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HTP ″Kovilyacha Spa″
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