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Kanyiza Spa

Kanyiza Spa location and position

It is 200km to the north of Belgrade. Kanyiza Spa is in Voivodina, in the north of Serbia. You can reach Kanyiza by the highway Belgrade-Novi Sad-Subotitsa-Horgosh or by railway Belgrade-Subotitsa. The Spa is at an altitude of 87m.

Kanyiza Spa indications, treatment and prevention of disease

Rhumatism, conditions after an injury of locomotive system, lesions of peripheral nervous system, postoperative orthopedic and spinal conditions, children rehabilitation and conditions of damaged nervous system. Treatment is conducted in the Special Rehabilitation Hospital Kanyiza Spa, which is equipped with the most modern devices for physiotherapy and medical rehabilitation.

Kanyiza Spa natural healing and medicinal properties

Thermomineral water of this spa is sodium-hydrocarbonate-sulphid hypertherm water, with the temperature in springs is 51°C, 64°C, 72°C. Mineral mud (peloid), of a specific composition, is also applied in the therapy.

Kanyiza Spa monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

Old towns of Subotitsa and Kanyiza are especially interesting.

Kanyiza Spa natural beauty

It is among the most beautiful parts of Voivodina.

Kanyiza Spa sports and recreational facilities

Guests have at their disposal two indoor swimming pools, a sauna, a sports hall as well as playgrounds for football, basketball, handball and a tennis court. On one bank of the Tisa there is a completely equipped camp, as well as a park with walking paths, and on the river one can do water sports or go fishing. In the nearby hunting grounds one can hunt for big or small game. From Kanyiza Spa trips to Subotitsa, to the lake Palich or to the horse-farm Zobnatitsa can be organized.

Kanyiza Spa

Hotel Aqua Panon (****) 024 / 876 600

Hotel Lupus (****) 024 / 876 666

Hotel Aquamarin (***) 024 / 875 163

Hotel Abella (in-patient clinic) 024 / 874 445