Vrnjci Spa Serbia

Yunakovich Spa

Yunakovich Spa location and position

200km to the northwest of Belgrade, close to Apatin.

Yunakovich Spa indications, treatment and prevention of disease

-all kinds of rheumatism
-traumatic diseases
-injuries of peripheric nervous system
-postoperative orthopedic and spinal conditions
-consequences of cerebral injuries
-gynaecological diseases
-some non-specific diseases of the respiratory system.

Yunakovich Spa natural healing and medicinal properties

The Spa has thermal springs of mineral water, with the temperature up to 60°C.

Yunakovich Spa monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

Close to the Spa are important urban centres, such as Sombor, Subotitsa and Apatin, with a rich cultural and historic heritage…

Yunakovich Spa natural beauty

Close to the Spa flows the river Danube, with rich hunting and fishing grounds, as well as with the possibilities for sports on water…

Yunakovich Spa sports and recreational facilities

The Spa has a complex of ten outdoor swimming pools, water toboggan, tennis courts, mini football and handball pitches, indoor swimming pool for therapy and sauna…