Vrnjci Spa Serbia

Badanya Spa

Badanya Spa location and position

Badanya Spa is in southwest Serbia, near the village Lower Badanya, in Yadro, in the valley of the river Tsernitsa. It is located at an altitude of 180m, at the foot of the low mountain Iverak. You can reach the Spa by the motorway Belgrade –Shabatc, via Tekerish or by the road Shabats – Loznitsa – Valyevo, turning near the village Zavlaka. You can go by train to Loznitsa, and from there by the local bus to the Spa.

Badanya Spa indications, treatment and prevention of disease

In Badanya Spa following illnesses are cured:

1. rheumatic illnesses of muscles and joints

2. illnesses of nervous system

3. gynaecological illnesses

4. anemia and overall physical weakness

Badanya Spa natural healing and medicinal properties

Climate in Badanya Spa is of a moderate continental type. Healing properties of its waters have been well-known since the 19th century. The Spa has two springs, one is sulphuric, and the water in the other one contains iron. The sulphuric water is more strongly mineralized and it is hypothermal. Its average temperature is 14°C. Water rich in iron is also hypothernal, its temperature is 12°C. These waters are weak alkaline.

Badanya Spa monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

Trips to the village Trshich, the birthplace of Vuk Karadzich, are organized, as well as to the village Tekerish where you can see monuments dedicated to heroes of the First World War, and to the monastery Tronosha.

Badanya Spa natural beauty

In the surrroundings of Badanya Spa is the Zvornik Lake, where you can go fishing and relax. Close to the Spa is also the river Tsernitsa, where one can go swimming and fishing.