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Atomska Spa Trepca Trepča

Atomska Spa Trepca location and position

Atomic Spa (Upper Trepcha) is in southwest Serbia (Shumadia), in the Chachak basin, on the slopes of the mountains Vuyan and Bukovik, in the narrow basin of the river Banya, at the altitude of 460m. It is 18km away from Chachak, 9km from Gornyi Milanovac, and 140km from Belgrade.

Atomska Spa Trepca indications, treatment and prevention of disease





Atomska Spa Trepca natural healing and medicinal properties

The water of Atomic Spa Upper Trepcha is low alkaline, hydrocarbonate, oligomineral, akratotherm.

Atomska Spa Trepca monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments

* Church of Holy Virgin in Upper Trepcha,

* Monastery Vuyan

* Roman therma from the 3rd century AD

* Sir Jovan Obrenovich´s home

* Nadezda Petrovich´s art gallery

* The monument to the well known painter Nadezda Petrovich, the work of the famous sculptor Ivan Meshtrovich

* The monument to the Serbian insurgent Tanasko Raich, on the hill Lyubich, near Chachak

* The nearness of Ovchar Spa, with three artificial lakes, provides tourists with the possibility of going fishing, water skiing, swimming or rowing

* Visiting 10 monasteries of Ovchar-Kablar gorge is a real pleasure for all the people who appreciate history and religion.

Atomska Spa Trepca sports and recreational facilities

Tourist organization Chachak in the Spa organizes „Summer Culture Days“. During the summer months numerous cultural and artistic societies perform here, as well as musicians, writers, poets, actors…

Atomic Spa – private accommodation, hotels, villas, apartments:

Atomic Spa, in addition to the top health service, offers a good quality accommodation to its visitors. Since 1976, when the tourist organizations started to register the number of visitors, up to 2001, 314.011 visitors were registered, or 4.151.313 nights.

Atomska Spa Trepca

- in-patient clinic with 108 beds in single or double rooms, rooms with three or more beds and apartments

- bungalows with 57 beds

- wellness block with apartments and a complete wellness programme.

Kind caterers will provide you with tasty specialties from the restaurant kitchen. The restaurant has a dining hall with 160 seats and a balcony with 60 seats.

With exceptional kindness and hospitality, Atomic Spa can also mediate in renting private accommodation for the guests. You can choose from 3000 beds in close proximity of the springs.