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Serbian Spas

At our mini portal you can find some basic information on all the spas in Serbia: where the spas are, for which illnesses they are recommended, historic and cultural sights, as well as hotels and private accommodation. Beside accommodation, you can find out the climate of every spa, and what it offers to tourists during summer. Some spas have already become fashionable places, such as Vrnjačka Banja and Sokobanja. Vrnjačka Banja realizes up to 800.000 nights per season, and Sokobanja has already exceeded 1.000.000 nights per season.

Most spas in Serbia are situated at the foot of a mountain, they are surrounded by wood, protected from strong winds and have mild climate, which makes them destinations suitable for relaxation of tourists who don´t care for winter sports and low temperatures. In the proximity of the spas are cultural monuments, mountain tourist centres, hunting regions.

Every year spas in Serbia create rest programmes, programmes for recreation and rehabilitation, entertainment and cultural programmes, as well as organized excursions in the nearby weekend resorts.

About Spas

Short history

Serbian Spas have a very rich history, known already at the time of Romans (Niš Spa, Vrnjačka Banja). 2000 years ago, Romans used to build springs of healing mineral water on the territory of today´s Serbia. They used to build pools, wells and health resorts for their legionaries. This is proved by numerous archaeologic investigations in 19th century and later. After all, Romans did it throughout Europe, so that Serbia is considered as one of the wealthiest countries in Europe in such localities.

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Offer of spas and of Serbian Spa Tourism

Spas are health resorts rich in healing water, mud, air and other properties which help or relieve pain, quicken the process of curing and healing up, or help the healing process in some other way. Most often these are springs of geothermal or mineral water, although there are some spas rich in healing mud, and some places in the mountains are called ″AIR SPAS″, due to their clean and fresh air (Sokobanja).

Serbia is considered to be lying on lakes of thermomineral waters. There are over 1000 springs of mineral waters, and over 40 spas have been built on them. Spas are places surrounded by wonderful landscapes, cultural and historic heritage. Spas are suitable for tourism, as one can dwell there in summer as well as in winter. Although they are related to health centres and rehabilitation, Serbian spas are becoming places where you can also have a good time, relax, and enjoy the cultural life.

Serbian Spa Tourisme and the therapies

Serbian spas can offer a lot to those who reside there for a long time. Spa therapies are very important. They are ideal as a prevention of all kinds of illnesses, they help you recover, restore your psycho-physical condition, mental capacity, good shape and appearance. Serbian spas, owing to their healing properties, can restore the elasticity of the skin and relax muscles. All the therapies are performed under the control of a specialized medical staff.

Sport and recreation

Serbian spas are well known for the fact that numerous sportspersons go there during their period of preparation, since the infrastructure of the spas is being constantly developed. Whether sport is your profession or just a recreation, Serbian spas offer you numerous sports activities and rest, indoors or outdoors: tennis, golf, cycling, jogging, swimming, football, volleyball, handball, basketball.

Health - Spa & Wellness

Today we can proudly say that younger people come to spas, looking for a psychical and physical rest and desiring to make best use of their precious holidays and charge their batteries for coming workdays. Tourism in Serbia is the best indicator how Serbia should develop. Apart from agriculture, tourism is the main industry, and more and more is being invested in tourist destination in Serbia. Among the leading spas, Sokobanja and Vrnjačka Banja are most visited.